About Me

My son and IHi there! My name’s Charles, I’m British and I live in Sweden with my wife and son. I started this blog in late 2010 as a way of combining two things which I enjoy – photography and food! I wanted to make a point of showing that despite what you may think about restaurants, unless you can afford to eat at Michelin starred places, cooking for yourself and your family at home is almost always better, cheaper, healthier and certainly tastier.

I’ve been cooking for a very long time – I remember making three course meals for my family when I was about 13 years old, so I’m definitely no stranger to the kitchen. I found I was in a rut though. Cycling through the same 20 dishes or so every month, and I figured there’s no better way to force yourself to cook new things by having to record them!

I aim to make dishes which cost €5 or less – and contrary to popular belief, that’s €5 for the whole dish, not just per serving. Many people who run a home will be aware of the costs behind cooking, but there are plenty of people in the world who think that grabbing a takeaway is actually a better, cheaper solution then learning a few kitchen tricks and making things yourself.

I love chocolate, onions, capers, garlic and caramel, although preferably not all together!

So, why should you read my blog? Well, I like to think that I can offer “another point of view”! I’m based in France, but I’m originally English, so for any readers from abroad you’ll have to excuse my calling “Cilantro” as Coriander, or “Eggplant” as Aubergine and so forth. I draw my inspiration from what I know and what’s around me, and I love trying new things. It’d be great if you joined me in my journey to better food and photography and in case you have any questions I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line by visiting my contact page.