Happy Easter

Happy Easter from FiveEuroFood!

Cheese and Vegemite Scones

Cheese and Vegemite Scones Phew, I’ve been so busy the last few days! I’ve been meaning to write this for so long but things have always run away from me. So what I have been up to you may wonder? Well, the bulk of my time has been spent on my freelance web work (shameless plug...
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Curry-roasted Brussels Sprouts

Curry-roasted Brussels Sprouts Oh boy, I had a shock when I saw that it was the 1st of March the day before yesterday. It can’t possibly have been that long since I last made a post, can it? My last post was on the 21st of February which means that was… 10 days ago? Then I realised...
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Beetroot and Potato Croquettes

Beetroot and Potato Croquettes The best potato croquettes I ever had were some gloriously creamy things with cheese and ham in the middle. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – as a good croquette should be – with cheese oozing out from the centre when you broke into them. They...
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“Bircheresque” Potatoes

“Bircheresque” Potatoes I wanted to call these Bircher Potatoes, I really did. It’s something my mother always used to make, in this exact fashion, but upon doing a bit of research it would appear that “Bircher Potatoes” are actually something slightly different....
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Raw Courgette and Carrot Salad with Miso Dressing

Raw Courgette and Carrot Salad with Miso Dressing À propos nothing at all, I recently noticed that I’ve passed 300 published posts, so “yay me” I guess.  Had I been more prepared I might have done a little something to mark the occasion and perhaps run a giveaway, but – well, so much to...
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Beetroot Carpaccio

Beetroot Carpaccio Serves: 2 Cost: ~€4.30 Preparation and cooking time: 15 minutes Calories: n/a So, my laptop broke :(. I’d been meaning to replace it for a while – it had been running insanely hot and you couldn’t even really touch the exhaust vent without getting a...
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