Chilli and Coriander Infused Olive Oil

Serves: n/a
Cost: ~€3 per 500ml
Preparation time: ~10 minutes
Calories: ~40 per 1tsp

Greetings folks. A shorter post than normal today, and a bit of an announcement. I’m going to be away from blogging for the next few weeks. As a result, I won’t be able to visit your wonderful blogs during this time. I’ll try and have a bit of a catch up when I return but I’m sorry for my absence in the meantime. I hope you won’t all forget about me – I’ve got some wonderful guest posts lined up for you from some blogging friends so please do check back to see what I have in store!

I’ll be back in a few weeks with but until then I’ll kick off the posts to fill the absence with something very quick, simple, but nonetheless very useful around the home. Infused oil! I love those big bottles of oil filled with herbs and chillies you find in pizzerias (well, at least in France they have them – not sure about elsewhere). I’ve wanted to make some of my own for ages so finally decided to give it a go.

The infused oil

Infinitely customisable, you can stick all sorts of stuff into your home-made infused oil. Popular additions are grains, seeds, spices, chillies and herbs. Dried herbs are better to use, compared to fresh – you don’t need to worry so much about the risk of the herbs moulding or spoiling. Heating the oil through with the ingredients gently will ensure the infusion of the flavours begins much more quickly and you can easily create a bottle, or many bottles – if making gifts – of beautiful, delicious, infused oil in just a few minutes.

What about you? Have you ever tried to make infused oil? Let me know, and have a great day!

Chilli and Coriander Infused Olive Oil


Infused chili oil ingredients

  • Olive Oil – ~500ml is a good amount
  • Spices of your choice – I’ve used a handful of dried chillies, a handful of coriander seeds and I added some dried rosemary too


  1. Pour the oil and spices/chillies into a pan and heat through gently until the oil is hot, but only about 60 or 70 degrees Celsius. While the oil is heating, stir the oil around and bash the chillies and grains a bit to release the flavours.
    Warming the chilies in the oil
  2. Allow the oil to cool, pour into a bottle, along with the chillies and grains and seal. Ideally, allow the flavours to infuse for a week or so before using, although the oil will be tasty immediately and will continue to improve over time.
    The infused oil


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    I’m sorry to hear you’re taking a temporary leave of absence. We will all miss you. I love infused oils and they are great for using in salads. Over the last few days I’ve been making my own salad dressings and storing in jars in my fridge. Sort of the same but with vinegar! Take care and see you soon xx

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      Hi Charlie – thanks a lot! I have some family things I have to take care of right now but I’ll try not to completely drop off the radar :)

    • says

      Hi Sharyn – I love those bottles. I’ve had my one for years after I bought some olive oil from a farm shop. It’s such a perfect shape… I usually fill it up and keep it next to my stove :)

      I’ll try not to completely disappear – wouldn’t want to miss out on all the end of summer blogosphere delights :)

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    We will miss you Charles, but we all need a break every now and then. I love infusing oils, I always have at least one bottle on my kitchen counter. This is an interesting blend and I’m excited to try it…in fact, I’ve got just those ingredients on hand right now!!

    • says

      Thanks Linda – I’ll endeavour to not disappear completely – I have some family matters I need to attend to right now though so won’t have as much time as normal alas! Let me know if you try the oil :)

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    I look forward to your return in a few weeks’ time. Just about when you get back, I’ll be away from my computer myself. At least until I can manage the steps with my crutches to the 2nd floor where the computer is located. I’m having my 3rd hip replacement on Aug 30th and will be spending my time on the first floor waited on hand and foot (I wish) by my lovely nephew.

    Gorgeous infused olive oil. I’ve always wanted to make them one day. :)

    Until later…

    • says

      Hi A_ – good luck with your op, and speedy recovery! I’m going to try to pop my head in on some blogs every now and again, but I do have some issues which I have to attend to in my life which will take some time so those must take precedence for now!

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        Thank you for taking the time to reply to this while you’re in the middle of your RL concerns. Please don’t feel you need to reply further and I look forward to your return soon. Best wishes with whatever you’re dealing with.

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    Come back soon! You will be missed.
    The bottle of infused oil looks wonderful! and pretty! and you’re right, they’ll make great gifts. Must plan for Christmas soon :)

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    Wishing I had this olive oil to use in my pasta tonight. IT IS BRILLIANT! If your gonna turn out recipes like this after having your back hurt then I am all for it! LOL! Just kidding- hoping your back is all better and keep these recipes coming!

    • says

      Thanks KB :) My back is very good now thanks. Weird how pain can come along, temporarily cripple you and then pass on again with nary a memory of what it was like!

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    Lovely oil, and I’ve considered making infused oils, but shied away from it after reading so many posts and remarks about the potential of bacteria. I’m glad to see that heating it makes it safer and sounds like you don’t need to keep it cold, either. Hope you’re on a vacation and we’ll look forward to seeing you when you return.

    • says

      Hi Betsy – I actually heated it more to get the flavours infusing more quickly. The best thing to do is always used dried herbs and spices, not fresh, as these will mould. If you decide to use fresh ones then always make sure the herbs and spices are completely submerged and covered at all times by the oil, and consider straining after some time too!

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    Awesome infused oil!!!! I love infused oil and this one is definitely going to end up on my kitchen counter as soon as I get my kitchen back. :) Looks like we’re both off for a few weeks. I’ll be able to check in on your guests and will definitely be here when you return. Take care of yourself and see you soon!

    • says

      Thanks MJ – I’ll be popping by other blogs from time to time when I have some time. I don’t want to completely drop off the radar :)

  8. says

    Love the infused oils. I can’t get enough of them. I never thought to try making my own. Looking forward to your guest posts and your return. Until then…thinking of you. Hugs! 😉

    • says

      Thank you Maureen – I’ll be around… dropping by from time to time to peoples’ blogs so they don’t forget all about me :) Need to concentrate on a few things at home at the moment :)

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    Charles, it looks like a wonderful, aromatic oil! I also do it quite often, but it’s mainly chili oil. I totally agree about dried herbs and dried chili. I once made with fresh chili and mould has developped…
    Here they also put chili oils on pizzerias tables. (My favourite one has also a fantastic home-made – or rather restaurant made – chili sauce that I ask for every time).
    Remember my Taberu Rayu? It’s with chili flakes, fried garlic, fried onion and sesame seeds. I have been preparing it for such a long time… it’s usually half oil half solid, but the oil is infused, so I can call it infused oil I suppose.
    We will all be missing you, but profit from this break as much as you can!

    • says

      Hi Sissi, I remember well your taberu rayu. Now that I made this oil I am even more enticed by the sound of recipe. That fried onion part especially sounds *awesome*.

      I heard that if you use fresh ingredients for oil it’s really important to keep all ingredients completely submerged in the oil. Did you try this? Did mould still develop if so? I think it’s fine with dried ingredients though… No problem so far at all :)

      • says

        Hi Charles, I think it’s the humidity of my fresh chilies that has spoiled the oil. Everything was covered of course… Another time I used dry chilies but the oil wasn’t hot enough… My taberu rayu keeps for weeks, but I only use fried garlic and onions + dry chili powder (actually recently I have been making it without onions and it’s very good too, I think that garlic is more important, just in case if you want to skip one ingredient).

    • says

      Thanks Angie! :) Don’t worry – I’m not leaving! I just have a few things in my life I need to concentrate on right now but I’ll be back in a few weeks… try not to miss me too much 😉

  10. says

    We’ll miss you Charles, and look forward to your return! Enjoy your time off from blogging. What a delicious and unique oil. I’ve never tried making infused oil, but it seems I should give it a go. :)

  11. says

    Will miss you and your fun post Charles! I hope your break is all about excitement and fun. I love infused oil too, and make some every now and then. Love the pics.Have fun and hopefully see you back soon.

    • says

      Hi Minnie :) Thanks for your kind comment. Don’t worry, I have some great posts queued up and I’ll pop by from time to time to check how everyone is doing :)

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    Very best wishes to you and family Charles!

    I went through an infused oil phase back in my 20s…I made them as Christmas gifts for family and friends. So beautiful and fragrant. I love how the rosemary is dancing up and down the bottle in your version. (Gorgeous bottle by the way!).

    Thinking of you – :).

    • says

      Thanks Kelly :) I was actually hoping to have a sprig of dried rosemary and coined with the idea of roasting up a branch from the tree on my balcony but couldn’t be bothered in the end and bunged in some dried stuff from a jar. Same effect in flavour though at least :)

    • says

      Thanks Helene – it tastes really great… can’t wait to get out my pizza stone when it’s a bit cooler and start dousing my pizza in the oil 😀

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    I think my husband will love this chili oil! Charles, don’t be silly who forgets you?! 😉 Looking forward to your guest posts and enjoy your time away. Once you come back on blogging, it’s hard to take another break (I’m talking about myself here…). So cherish the time off! :-)

    • says

      Hi Nami – it’s tough… I find myself climbing the walls a bit because I do miss the blogosphere right now. I feel so eager to get back, but at the same time I must also focus on the other things right now. I will be so full of enthusiasm when I come back I think :)

    • says

      Thanks Jean – it’s a beautiful bottle isn’t it? I’ve had it for a couple of years… bought some lovely olive oil in it a while back :)

  14. says

    I have never done this before and I am not sure why. Definitely going to give this a go, what do you think about chili peppers, spicy?

  15. says

    What a treat!! Nice aromatic infused oil. Hope you are doing good and keep posting more useful recipes like this one please:)/I’ve never heard about infused oil at pizza places. In the US they have plain old crushed red pepper and Parmesan cheese served with pizza.

  16. says

    SUCH a good idea. kind of like a sichuan chilli oil condiment which is just delicious to dip into for chinese dumplings. But this one will have that added fragrance of coriander and the assertiveness of olive oil, yum! (sorry for commentign so late, haven’t had th etime to comment on blogs lately, but am getting back and so glad to see this post! )

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