Having fun looking around but can’t quite find the answer to a question you had? Have a look here to see if it’s answered! If you still can’t find the answer then drop me a line here!

Q Hey, I’ve seen some of the photos on your site from your “Adventures” and I like them. Is there any way I can get a copy of these photos for myself?

A Sure! I’m making a cute little download page for these photos. Once it’s ready you can download my photos under a Creative Commons license. You can now download “Adventure” photos from here! Enjoy :)

Q I’ve noticed you sometimes place adverts or sponsored links on your site and I’m worried about my privacy! Can I get some more information on that?

A Absolutely – you can check out the Privacy Policy page for more information and more precise details on the tracking and ad delivery systems used by this site.

Q I think you stole my recipe and didn’t properly credit me! I used 2 tsps of Salt in my recipe and so did you, plagiarist! What gives?

A The larger part of my content is original – from time to time I will develop other peoples’ recipes. In cases where I post such recipes I always attempt to credit the original author/creator, if known, by name and with a trackback

Q I heard you had a cat… is this true?

A Yes it is, here’s a picture! Everyone say “D’awwwwwwww”!