Aaaand I’m back with a Spiced Plum Cake!

Spiced Plum Cake

It's high time I got back into the swing of things. Months have passed and I've made only two mediocre updates. I haven't even been cooking or baking that much, but that's changing starting from now! Christmas is coming, and before that in just a week from now it's my birthday. The perfect time of year to get busy and flex one's baking muscle! For today's post I have made a spiced plum cake after finding some cheap organic plums for just 5kr. They were from Sweden, and I have no idea how they grew plums at this time of year, but they weren't that special  - a bit hard and not very juicy - so baking with them was a perfect idea. I think I'll give Swedish gingerbread a go this year, or maybe some aniseed pigs, or maybe both. Of course, I'm choosing the worst possible time of the year to make a "comeback". It's getting darker which doesn't give me many opportunities for decent photography, as can no doubt be witnessed from today's offering. Still - as I said last year - it ...

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2014-08-15 10.35.38

I’m still here!

Dear readers,... dear friends, Do you know how long it's been since I posted anything to my blog? Heck, I can't even remember myself. Ok, I just checked. July the 5th. That was three and a half ...

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…a little break

Hi folks, those of you who also have  blogs that I follow will no doubt have noticed that I haven't been especially regular in stopping by of late. My own posting schedule has suffered and I ...

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Coop Änglamark

Organic tasties from Loppi

I couldn't possibly say that this applies only to people with kids, because that's just simply not true, but when you "all of a sudden" do have another little mouth to feed it gives you pause for ...

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