Triple Chocolate Truffle Torte

Serves: Makes ~12 slices
Cost: ~€7-10
Preparation time: ~20 minutes + 2 hours, and ~12 hours to set
Calories: ~570 per slice if cut into 12 slices

Greetings folks. I hope this monday finds you all well. I’m a day later than usual but my goodness – life seems busy right now. Things to do, places to go, people to meet! Add to this the clear blue skies and delightfully hot weather and, alas, sometimes cooking and blogging has to take a bit of a back burner. We had some friends over yesterday and I served up a boeuf bourguignon (yeah, I know… not really “summer” food), and then this for dessert. Heavy much? Maybe just a little, but at least this was cold!

This might just be one of the most unhealthy things I have made in a long time. Yep – it’s up there with the 10,000 calorie tray of Millionaire’s Shortbread. Nah, ok – that’s worse, but this is still pretty bad. Imagine chocolate truffles, all smooshed out, cut into slices, on a biscuit base. Got a picture of that in your mind? Ok, well that’s what this is. Except it’s not just one type of “truffle”, it’s three, and they’re all layered up. Just because everyone could do with having a bit more sugar and cream in their diet, I’m sure, right? I didn’t bother flavouring the layers with anything. If you fancy it, slosh in a bit of rum, whisky, brandy and so forth. I was hoping as well to add some finely chopped red chilli to the dark chocolate layer too, but couldn’t find any at all in the end – oh well :( – perhaps next time.

I’m a bit bummed because I hadn’t really cooked with white chocolate before and it didn’t really have the same qualities as plain and milk chocolate. That’s why it’s oozing out of the sides in the photos of the tart. Unfortunately it didn’t set as firmly as the others. I have corrected this in the recipe though. It’s just a case of adding less cream and butter and it will be fine. Also, yeah, I know – two posts in a row where the cost is over €5… I’m sorry, but I’m on vacation… I want to kick back a bit. I promise I’ll be back  to “Five Euro Food” soon, but you know, considering this makes ~10-12 slices, the cost isn’t half bad. You could actually make this quite a bit cheaper by not using Oreo cookies and using something like Digestive biscuits instead. Additionally, you can cut the cost a lot as well by using non-brand-name chocolate, but make sure the chocolate tastes good… sometimes it’s cheap for a reason!

Triple Chocolate Truffle Tart

You’ll see in one of the photos as well that I could even find some blackcurrants. I almost fell over when I saw these in the stores. It’s such a surprise to see them so I immediately bought a couple of boxes and served them fresh with the torte. Trust me, even if you’re the world’s biggest chocolate fiend, you’re going to need something like this as an accompaniment. The torte is rich, rich, rich and you need something sharp to cut through and break up the flavour. Blackcurrants, or even redcurrants are a perfect pairing for this, or alternatively some passionfruit, squeezed around the plate would also be excellent.

Enjoy the recipe everyone – I’m a bit behind with my video making and so I’ll be putting that up later today. I hope you have a fantastic monday. For those of you at work, try not to think of me enjoying a bit of vacation and lazing in the sun on my balcony! I’ll be back around Thursday or so for a book review. I can’t believe it was a month since my last one –  time sure does fly!

Triple Chocolate Truffle Torte

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Triple Chocolate Truffle Torte ingredients

For the base

  • 18 – 20 Oreo Cookies
  • 60g Butter

For the milk chocolate layer

  • 200g good Milk Chocolate
  • 100ml Cream
  • 20g Butter

For the white chocolate layer

  • 200g White Chocolate
  • 80ml Cream
  • 15g Butter

For the plain chocolate layer

  • 200g good Plain Chocolate
  • 150ml Cream
  • 25g Butter

You’ll also need

  • A round tin, approximately 20cm in diameter and ~6cm deep, preferably loose-bottomed or spring-form
  • Fruit for serving, such as passionfruit, black/redcurrants etc


  1. Start off by prising apart the Oreo cookies for the base. Scrape out and discard the filling and then place all the cookie halves into a large bowl and bash the heck out of them until only crumbs remain. Melt the 60g of butter in a pan or in the microwave and then pour into the cookie crumbs. Mix well until the crumbs are coated in the molten butter. If your tin has a loose bottom then grease it well and press the cookie crumbs into the bottom, pressing down well. If not then you can line it with foil, and then press the cookie crumbs down onto the foil.
    Making the Oreo base
  2. For the milk chocolate layer, heat the cream in a pan until just starting to bubble and then remove from the heat. Break the milk chocolate up into the hot cream and stir until dissolved and mixed. Add in the butter and keep stirring until it’s melted down. Pour into your tin, on top of the cookie crumbs. Set aside in the refrigerator for about an hour, until set.
    Making the first layer
  3. For the white chocolate layer, heat the cream until starting to bubble, and then remove from the heat. Crumble the white chocolate into the hot cream and stir until dissolved, before adding in the butter and once again stirring until melted. Allow to stand for a few minutes to cool a little and then gently pour over the milk chocolate layer. Return to the refrigerator and allow to set for about an hour.
    Now the white chocolate second layer
  4. Finally, heat the cream for the plain chocolate layer and when starting to bubble, remove from the heat and crumble in the plain chocolate. Stir until dissolved and then add the butter. Stir until blended and pour gently over the white chocolate layer. Return to the refrigerator and allow to set overnight. Leave in the refrigerator until ready to serve – either pop out of the tin or carefully lift out by grabbing an edge of the foil. Peel off the foil and serve on a plate. Cut into slices and enjoy!
    Triple Chocolate Truffle Torte


  1. says

    That looks amazing! And for a special occasion sometimes you just have to go for it. I´m not the world´s biggest chocolate fan, but every so often I have a craving and this would be perfect. I love too that it has white chocolate, which I do have a bit of a “thing” for!

  2. says

    Heavy much? Hee.hee :) – ah yes, but as a treat, why not. A small bite or two (with plenty of blackcurrants and a glass of milk ;-)) would probably satisfy me in this case but it would be enough to convey all the layers of love and deliciousness that you have worked in. I don’t know, I think the oozing white looks kind of cool and gives the torte some depth and interest. Glad to hear the sun and warmth are upon you! Enjoy :).

    • says

      Thanks Kelly – someone later said the same and said that the white centre made it look like a giant oreo cookie, haha 😀

      I’m done with the hot weather now though… Bring on the snow. I got in the car today and it was even too hot to touch the gear stick (burning my little hand on the metal ring on top :( )

  3. says

    This is probably the best looking cake and I am sure the best tasting cake ever! I would be in big trouble if I got my hands on this cake. Trust me, I can finish off the whole thing at one go.
    This looks delicious, Charles. Love it!!!

  4. says

    This is just the sort of dessert I love serving my guests. I can just imagine your company’s eyes when the saw this Torte presented at the table. The flavors would be fantastic.. I wish I had a special occasion coming up so I would get the opportunity to make this one!

  5. says

    An amazingly rich and decadent to follow on the beef bourguignon. I’ve had the same experience with white chocolate when I tried to make truffles many years ago. Even putting it in the freezer didn’t set it until I adjusted the proportion of white chocolate to butter/cream upwards. Oh well, it could be considered a type of ‘filling’ rather than another torte layer. The finished torte resembles a giant oreo cookie. :)

    • says

      Hi A_, haha, it’s a good comparison. Giant oreo indeed… tastes better though in my opinion. I find oreos make excellent bases for cheesecakes and tortes like this, but as a general rule they’re a very, very bad cookie. Taste so artificial!

      • says

        On a positive note, it’s possible to buy packaged oreo crumbs so you don’t have to scrape out the filling of the cookies and grind them yourself. Just open the box and pour. :)

        I don’t mind eating the cookies every once in a while with a big glass of cold milk. Even if they DO have a chemical undernote.

  6. says

    This looks delicious, but like you said, probably dangerous to keep it around the house. If I could get only a piece from you… that would be nice! I can eat your boeuf bourguignon anytime even on hot sweating summer! 😉 I’ve been busy too and sorry I have been MIA lately… :-(

    • says

      Hi Nami, I actually finished up the last piece of the torte today… It was so good, even after a few days. Now I have no wonderful chocolate torte left… :(

  7. says

    Look at how delightful this cake is… it looks so smooth, creamy and cool: a perfect summer dessert. I have been crazy busy too Charles, my google reader just “exploded” since I haven’t been able to check out all of the delicious recipes from my fave blogs (including yours). So don’t feel bad about a day behind :)

  8. says

    Calories Schmalories! I’m happily admitting to being a chocolate (bitter, if you please) fiend. Not a great fan of white choc but I believe I can do this happily 😀 (Must pamper tummy once in a while)

    • says

      Hi Ping – it seems there are many who aren’t fans of white chocolate. Well, it’s not even “chocolate”, strictly – I do find it rather enjoyable from time to time though!

  9. says

    This looks soooooooooooo good Charles. I was late with my post too — we had a farewell dinner to friends who are moving back to Isreal and I was so tired afterwards I could hardly move. We need to be good to ourselves don’t we? I’m going to dream about this dessert…it just looks so good (but now I’m repeating myself!!!)

    • says

      Hi Barb – I’m going to be late for tomorrow’s post too and think I’ll have to post it on Friday instead – oh well, it’s summer, the sun is out and I’m on holiday… I’m not gonna beat myself up over it :)

  10. says

    You are right. This does look magnificent with the blackcurrants. Blackcurrants are so rare. Even when in season they are difficult to source. Perhaps it’s just too hot to grow them here? I love the look of those torte and it doesn’t bother me at all that it costs more than five euros (I don’t have a euro symbol on my keyboard!) If anyone complains, just tell them to make half a torte! I would love to try this but with blackcurrants being not an option, I’ll perhaps serve it with a raspberry coulis (frozen raspberries are always available). Great recipe Charles xx

    • says

      Hi Charlie – they’re quite common in England, but I’m convinced that they’re all shipped off to the factory to make Creme de Cassis. It’s a big industry in France… redcurrants on the other hand are very easy to find. I almost bought some today but couldn’t think of a good recipe for them. Any ideas?

      Not sure about your keyboard layout, but often you can get the € sign by pressing “Alt Gr” and then the number “4” :)

  11. says

    This is one of the most fabulous cakes I have seen! White and dark chocolate, truffle texture, oreos…. this looks also like a real calorie bomb! I usually don’t crave rich chocolate cakes when it’s hot (and it’s hot here), but I see now this one is an exception. Already the name makes me want to do some shopping and bake it tonight. I hope it will pass though 😉 By the way, I have heard about oreos, see them in shops here, but have never tasted them.
    You are really unlucky this year in many parts of France (from what I hear on tv too). We have had an awful spring, but the summer is very pleasant.

    • says

      Hi Sissi, I’m not usually a fan of very heavy desserts… It’s for that reason I can usually not stand French cakes, like the “Opéra”… I find them really too much and the taste is very cloying. After the initial “feast”, I left the remains in the refrigerator for a couple of days and ate it in little slices over some days and it was really perfect. So nice for a mid-morning break with a cup of coffee :)

      It’s been really hot this week, although this looks to be turning again now… Right now the wind is blowing and it’s been raining with some thunderstorms on and off during the day.

  12. says

    taht looks super delicious…its tooooooooo goooddd… i could most of it… heavyily loaded with calories.. so what if its tasty i dont care.. charles i am bookmarking this.. this may be my next trial from ur blog.. the kladdkaka is a super hit:)

    • says

      Thanks so much Renu – do let me know if you try it… just watch out with the white chocolate layer. It doesn’t set so well as the other “real” chocolate layers :)

  13. says

    This dessert has all of the major teenager food groups lets see we have chocolate, butter, cream and cookies. My boys would inhale this even though I am sure it is very rich and delicious, it would not last very long in my house. Take Care, BAM

    • says

      Haha, thanks Bam – not just one chocolate either, but three… I can totally understand it wouldn’t last long at all… not around some hungry teens 😀

  14. says

    Charles, I wish I were the ‘friends’ you were entertaining….that torte looks good. More than good. It looks mouth melting sinfully gorgeous. Your guests must have groaned in pleasure all night just thinking of it. Don’t worry about being late or over budget, because if this is what happens when you get late or over pay, you can do it every time…yummmmmm….

    Bookmarking it.

    • says

      Thanks for your kind comment Minnie – I try to keep everything on my site down below a certain price, but sometimes I really want to “burst out” and go nuts a little 😀

      Do let me know if you try this – I hope you’re keeping well :)

  15. says

    Be my guest to go unhealthy anytime you feel like it! I mean – come on – how could one ever refuse something that starts with “triple chocolate”!!! :) This torte is literally to die for!

    • says

      I’m thinking of creating an “eleven chocolate cake” one day… I think I might need to work on my waistline a bit first in preparation though. Something like that can’t be good for you 😀

  16. says

    I’d love to try some fresh black currants. I have yet to find them here. I know I would just love them. I’m glad you’re enjoying visits and fun! It’s what summer is all about (heck I think it’s what life is all about). And I too have had a difficult time keeping up with cooking and blogging this summer. I think it’s just a sign of all the fun we’re having. :)

    • says

      Ah, yes, I’d forgotten… you’re the not quite fully sane person who isn’t a big fan of chocolate… such unspeakable thoughts Kristy! The berries were a nice side though… they have a fantastic flavour and it’s not often I can find them here!

  17. says

    this torte does look “rich rich rich”. I love the 3 layers of different shades you get by using the 3 diferent types of chocolate. my favourite is the dark chocolate, not a fan of white chocolate at all, but if you stack them all up that way, I can be well convinced 😉 I tried some currants at the farmer’s market last week, the first of them! do love their tart flavour, maybe I’ll try them with chocolate this week!

    • says

      Hi Shuhan, it’s true, some people really don’t like white chocolate… to be honest, I like it sometimes, but it’s not really “chocolate” in the strictest sense. You don’t really taste it at all though when it’s stacked like this :)

      I definitely think blackcurrants go really well with this… I guess redcurrants might go well too but my God they’re very, very sharp!

  18. says

    I really don’t know how a torte is supposed to look but the white chocolate oozing is fine with me. I think it looks divine and black currants, wow. Hope you have enjoyed your vacation. Cheers!

    • says

      Hi Suzi – I got stuck on the name actually… I was going to call it a tart, but according to Wikipedia those are baked. A torte doesn’t have to be baked and is layered so this seemed appropriate :)

  19. says

    This is just the kind of rich chocolatey dessert that I would like to dig a fork into in this kind of warm weather….the layers looks creamy and decadent!! Great job Charles you’ve got me drooling for some chocolate now:)

  20. says

    I will give up anything for this smooth and delicious torte…Your shots make the treat more mysterious and enticing. This is a 2 thumbs up, as always 😉
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  21. says

    It might be unhealthy but dang I would eat quite a few slices of it no matter how unhealthy it is! It’s only a tiny bit over 5euro anyway, for a dessert as decadent as this, no one’s going to notice. 😉

    • says

      Thanks Jenny – sometimes you need to push the boat out and I don’t think people will mind if I post something more expensive just once or twice 😀

  22. says

    Oh no, no, Charles! You should be reported for making all your subscribers suffer in pain and agony… craving some of your torte! But alas…summer is creeping around the corner, and we’re all desperate to keep a summer body! 😉

    …I guess you’ll have to use a smaller pan next time to keep it under 5eu 😉

  23. says

    Oh Charles, as soon as I opened up your site and saw this layered beauty I had to stop here first!! Sinful, yes indeed, but well worth it! Plus, it’s easy!! Definitely taking note to make this very soon. Yep, a bit of liquor will be added in, at this point with all the richness, we can also get a bit tipsy :) Glad to see your enjoying your vacation!

    • says

      Thanks Linda – thanks so much, and great to see you again after this time! I was wondering if I should add a bit of brandy to the truffle but in the end decided against it – I bet it would be lovely though with a dash of this or that! :)

    • says

      Hi BA – Normally I can’t abide Oreo cookies… they taste so artificial but as a base for cheesecakes or tortes like this I think they go perfectly!

    • says

      Thanks Sawsan – it was seriously tasty. Sweet, but very good – definitely needs to be served with some sort of fruit though… something acidic to cut through the sweetness!


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