Christmas Liver Paté

Approx cost: €3.50
Approx calories (per 100g): ~600
Approx preparation time and cooking time: 40 minutes

A great dish to serve around Christmas time – You can replace the port with something like sherry in a pinch, perhaps even brandy, but it’s not quite the same. Really easy to make and has a fantastically luxurious taste – no-one will ever know it only cost about €3.50 to make! It’s also my first video post ever! You can still find the usual recipe process and photos under the video below. Please enjoy the video and be patient while I get to grips with video editing and sound levels and so forth.

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Christmas Liver Paté Ingredients

  • 400g Chicken Livers
  • 1 Onion
  • 20g Butter for frying
  • 2 decilitres of cream
  • 1 decilitre of Port wine or Sherry
  • 3 tsps Thyme
  • 100g Butter for adding while blending
  • Salt
  • Pepper

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  1. Start by roughly chopping the onion. Melt the 20g of Butter in a hot frying pan and when melted, add in the onion and fry until a glossy golden colour. While this is cooking, remove any excess bits of fat from the chicken livers and then add in to the pan with the onion.
    Cooking the paté mix
  2. Continue to fry until the livers are browned. Gently add in the cream and and port, along with some thyme, salt and pepper. Turn down the heat and simmer gently for around 15-25 minutes, until you can draw a spoon through the mix and leave a dry line in the pan.
  3. Wash your canning jar, turn on your oven to around 140 degrees Celsius and put your jar(s) inside – leave them here for about 10-15 mins to sterilise the jars.
  4. When the mix has been sufficiently thickened, add to a food processor and blend until smooth, around 30 seconds.
    Blending the paté
  5. Transfer to your sterilised jar and seal up. Allow to cool completely before storing in the refrigerator. Will keep for about a week or so. Eat with some good fresh bread, maybe some pickles, and enjoy!

    Christmas Liver Paté


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      It's not a problem to replace the chicken livers with other types – Chicken livers tend to be much milder than other types, but it's personal choice I guess

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