Garlic Bread

Serves: 2-4
Approx cost: €0.80
Approx calories (per serving): 250
Approx preparation and cooking time: 20 minutes

Combining my favourite food, bread, with my favourite “vegetable” (garlic) and then my favourite fat (butter) and putting it all into one makes for an awesome side dish. You can often buy something like this in stores in England but I’ve never seen any such thing in France, and to be honest, they don’t really seem to dig Garlic Bread to the same extent as they do in the UK! It’s a quick recipe, I only just got a car this week so I’ve been quite busy driving around and filling out paperwork, but I hope you give it a go and enjoy it!


Garlic Bread ingredients

Ingredients you'll need for this dish

– 1 part-cooked Baguette
– 30g Butter
– 3-4 cloves Garlic
– 1 tsp Salt
– 1 tsp Pepper
– 1 tsp Oregano


  1. Start off by mixing the butter with the salt and pepper and herbs. If you find the butter too hard then stick it in the microwave for a couple of seconds (literally a couple of seconds else it will melt).

    Mixing the garlic and butter

  2. Take the baguette and cut small, thin wedges out of it, being sure not to cut all the way through. Fill the cuts with the butter, being sure to push it all the way into the groove.

    Stuffing the butter into the bread

  3. Cook the baguette as normal according to the instructions, usually ~10 minutes on ~200 degrees Celsius, break apart the slices and then serve up!
Garlic Bread

Nom nom


  1. says

    I could live off of garlic bread alone. It's easily one of my favorites. This looks like a fantastic recipe to try and I will soon!

    • says

      Thanks! I'm a big fan of making my own bread too, but breaking out a part-cooked baguette is *so* much easier compared to spending a couple hours just for some quick nomnom 😀

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