Raw Courgette and Carrot Salad with Miso Dressing

À propos nothing at all, I recently noticed that I’ve passed 300 published posts, so “yay me” I guess.  Had I been more prepared I might have done a little something to mark the occasion and perhaps run a giveaway, but – well, so much to do and so little time it seems these days. Here’s to another 300 more (and beyond).

So what, you might be wondering, have I been doing that takes up such a large amount of time? Well, I’ve got big news… life-changing news. As of right now I’m unemployed! (eek!) My last day at work was on the 20th of September. We’ve taken the plunge and we’re finally progressing to the next stage in our life and moving to Sweden.

So what’s going to happen? Well, we’ll be spending the next month in France, visiting places we’ve always wanted to visit and getting our affairs in order and then on the 31st of October my wife, son, and cat will be flying up to the north of Sweden. Not I however; no, I have a road-trip of epic proportions planned. Loading everything into my car and travelling up through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, across into Sweden, up through Norway for a scenic trip to take in some fjords, before heading back into Sweden again. 3,330 kilometres in total, spread over 5 days. For some sense of comparison, this is almost as long as driving coast to coast in the US. The scenery will be fantastic, there’s going to be a ton of  wonderful photo opportunities and I’ll definitely be keeping you updated during my trip.

What does my move mean for FiveEuroFood? Not a great deal. I’ll be plugging along the same as before, but this time in a different country (and a different kitchen). The name itself won’t really be relevant to Sweden, though “Fifty Krona Food” doesn’t really have the same ring to it so I think I’ll keep the original name. The incoming winter months should present quite the challenge as far as food photography is concerned, given that you’re lucky to get a couple of hours of daylight, but I’m greatly looking forward to the adventure – both of learning new photography skills, and  having access to different ingredients, not to mention exploring Swedish cuisine even more than I have before.

I’ll write more on this at a later time before I leave, but I feel like I’ve gone on about it quite enough for now, so I’ll move on to today’s recipe where I have something (else) to declare: I’m a miso convert. Like – seriously – how could I possibly have gone this long without owning some miso paste? Everyone around me has been busy making all manner of things with this wonderful stuff and I am pitifully late to the party. I’m there now though at least and my God am I glad I finally am. For anyone who is familiar with miso paste, then – well – I know I don’t need to extol its merits to you, but for anyone else who’s not familiar with it – buy it, and buy it now! If all you can think of when you think of miso is “miso soup” then you’ve got a real treat in store.

Raw Courgette and Carrot salad with Miso dressing

An incredibly complex, rich flavour which can really lift up a bewildering array of dishes I feel slightly giddy at the thought of all the food and flavour combinations I’ve yet to experience with this almost magical paste. Raw courgette is something as well that I only recently discovered. I had always assumed it was one of those things that “needs to be cooked”, but trust me… it’s really not. Grated, or even served in strips or ribbons, in its raw form it’s a delicious, delicately flavoured vegetable which adds a lot to any dish. The final dish doesn’t look as pretty as I would have hoped in the photos, so you’ll just have to trust me on this, and I hope you will.

Raw Courgette and Carrot Salad with Miso Dressing
Serves 2
A wonderfully fresh, tangy salad bolstered by the complex flavour of miso. Perfect as a side or base for adding in other ingredients.
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
For the salad
  1. 1 medium Courgette
  2. 1 large Carrot (or 2 medium)
For the dressing
  1. Juice from 1 Lemon
  2. 2tbsps Olive Oil
  3. 1tbsp Miso Paste
  4. Salt and freshly ground black Pepper
  1. Start off by peeling the carrot and then wash the courgette and the carrot well.
  2. Finely grate the courgette and carrot and then place the grated carrot into a bowl. Squeeze the grated courgette in your hands to squeeze out as much liquid as possible, and then add in with the carrot.
  3. Mix the miso paste and olive oil together to form an emulsion and then add in the lemon juice and a few good twists of salt and pepper.
  4. Pour the dressing on top of the carrot and courgette and mix well. Serve immediately.
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  1. says

    I saw your goodbyes to your workmates so I knew you were going but waited for you to announce it to the faithful. This will be a very good place to raise that baby and make more. :)

    Best of luck to the three of you for this next big phase of your lives. …and be careful!

  2. Veronica says

    Yay indeed Charles. I’ve enjoyed (most of!) those 300 posts. When yu drive through The Netherlands, on the A6 north of Amsterdam, wave at the Almere Haven signpost…and I’ll wave back! All the very best in Sweden (whyever there?)

    • says

      Hehe, I’ll be sure to wind down the window and wave Veronica! My wife is Swedish, so we’re moving back to her homeland (and my new homeland!).

  3. says

    I’m definitely late to this party too! I’ve read about miso and we used it our chopped challenge a while back, but outside of that, I’ve never really done anything with it. I’ll have to give it a try. It wounds wonderful on raw zucchini. I recently had some at a restaurant – they used ribbons in place of pasta. It was very good.

    Good luck on your upcoming move. I’ve been thinking of you guys. Your road trip will be wonderful (You know I’m so fond of those!)and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Enjoy your last month in Paris. I wish we could have gotten there before you left, but there’s always Sweden! :)

    • says

      Thanks Kristy – I can’t wait to do the road-trip, though all that driving is going to be tough. I drove for ~5 hours today to come back from Normandy and run a few errands and I already feel wrecked!

  4. says

    Wow, that is big news. Congratulations on taking the plunge for such a major life change. It’ll be great for little Will to be surrounded by family in Sweden, so it is definitely worth all the effort of relocating. I love miso and can’t wait to try your lovely salad that sounds perfect and simple. Talk to you soon Charles! Good luck with all of your planning!!!!

  5. says

    Congratulations on the 300 posts and … OMG, that sounds so scary. Giving up your job and moving to another country. Oh wait, you did that before when you came to France from the UK though without William, and I assume the cat. :)

    The best of luck on your future endeavours and, when you’re settled, please share with your faithful blog readers.

    Miso IS good isn’t it? You didn’t say what kind of miso you used in your salad dressing. White, red? Inquiring minds need to know. I used some red miso today to make a miso and ham broth soup to go with a batch of inari sushi. A continuation of yesterday’s inari sushi but with rice inside instead of somen noodles.

    • says

      Thanks A_ – well, I did move before, for sure, but I hadn’t long been out of University, I wasn’t very settled, and so didn’t have much of a life to leave. This really feels like home now, so I’m going to be SO sad to leave :(.

      It was red miso, btw – I didn’t even know there was such a think as “white” miso!

  6. says

    Good luck on your 300th post and on your new adventure.
    I think adventures like this one make life richer and more..worth living if you will
    I have to admit I have never tried miso paste, but I am sold. I will look it up and I’ll keep you posted on how that goes

  7. says

    Wow – what a wonderful life change you are all about to experience! Good luck with the road trip – we do 2,200km in two days but it’s just a means of getting from Malaga to Bexhill with car, dogs and supplies. It will be tiring even in 5 days (no company either :( ) but I think you’ll have fun. Drive safely – and don’t forget to pack some of this gorgeous salad in your picnic box!

    • says

      Hi Chica, never fear, my father is coming along for the ride! He can’t wait to make the trip, mainly because he’ll be able to finally see the cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, lol! 😀

  8. says

    It is life changing. What a big move for you guys. Your drive is going to be so fantastic, can’t wait for the pictures. Sitting where I am, I can’t imagine moving two blocks down the road anymore….. I have been moving, first with my parents, and then with my husband for the entire duration of my life, and now moving gives me hives. But I would not mind driving across beautiful countries if I could. Good luck Charles! The miso salad looks delicious.

    • says

      Hi Minnie – I hate moving, I can understand your dislike! I sincerely hope this will be the last time I ever need to move, at least on such a big scale as this. International moving isn’t fun!

    • says

      Hi Shashi, it’s going to be quite an adventure. I could have stayed the safe route and stayed here, kept my job, but sometimes you reach a point where it’s time to step into the unknown!

  9. says

    Congratulations on 300 posts! I just realized I hit that mark myself. Your upcoming adventures sound so exciting, we will be vicariously traveling along with you :).

    Your salad sounds so tasty, especially with the miso dressing!

  10. says

    How’s your Swedish? Congrats on 300 posts and beyond. That is big news! I think it’s fantastic that you are going on such a great trip and I would love to do something like that. I’m really looking forward to your touristy posts. Best wishes to you and your family with all the packing up and organising and planning and farewelling – such a busy time! xx

    • says

      Thanks Charlie, it’s going to be a sad time, saying goodbye to our home – so many happy memories, but it’s the right decision!

      Can’t wait for the trip myself either. As for my Swedish… not too bad :)

  11. says

    Congrats on the 300th post, sorry about your job and yay! For Sweden!! What awesome news Charles! Moving is a pain, I will admit but the adventures and the excitement of a whole new country, that’s worth it. Besides, it will be great for little Will to be with family, that’s important too. Good luck with the move, my friend.
    I too am late to the miso party, but the salad looks great and the dressing sounds fabulous.

    Take care, I look forward to seeing your photos!

    PS: you need to get on Instagram!

    • says

      Hi Nazneen, well, it was a shame to leave my job. I will miss my coworkers, but sometimes you need to take a step into the “unknown”, you know? I could stay here safe and dry with a job, or I could take the steps I need to move forward in my life and it was time to do that!

      As for Instagram… I’m already “on” it, but I never use it… don’t really see the point :/

  12. says

    Congratulations, Charles, on both the 300th post and the life changes! It sounds like a huge adventure and big change. I cross my fingers and am looking forward to reading about your new life in Sweden and of course I’ll be happy to learn more about Swedish cuisine.
    I am glad you have finally bought miso (you have already told me I think) but most of all that you have become a convert. The salad looks like a perfect early autumn side dish. Still sunny, but announcing colder days and the reign of the carrot! I love it and am sure that miso made it unique. I am sure you will get very creative with this magical product. PS Talking about miso… I’m sorry for being late with commenting. I was on long and very busy holidays in Japan with hardly any time to go on internet.

    • says

      Thank you Sissi – I hope you will be able to visit us in Sweden some day too! I will be sure to buy some nice reindeer meat and cook it for dinner!

      It’s going to be some very exciting coming months… I can’t wait to see what happens :).

      I hope you had a great time in Japan! Tokyo again, or did you have a chance to visit other places?

  13. says

    Wow, Charles, what a news! I wish you and your family all the best in Sweden! I love it there, beautiful and breathtaking. Road trip sounds so exiting! I think a driver is lost in me: I do love road trips. It’s been only two months since we made cross-country trip all the way from Florida to Seattle with de-tour to California. But my hands are itching to grab a steering wheel and be on the road again.
    Your trip sounds just fantastic, there is so much to see in all the Europe! By the time you make it to Sweden it will be all covered in snow (probably). Good luck and please, keep the name of your blog!
    I am definitely making this salad, the dressing is simple yet carry a lot of flavor. Miso paste goes on my shopping list! :)

    • says

      Thank you Marina – it’s going to be a long trip… I am taking a detour so I can see some sights, but I’ve made sure we will have enough time in the “good” places to look around and take some photos :).

      I think hopefully the snow won’t have quite started yet… probably soon after we arrive though.

  14. says

    Good luck on your great adventure Charles — it does sound incredibly exciting. So much to explore and discover and I like your openness to learning new photographic techniques to accommodate the light. I’m still working on that here… working outdoors from a little balcony — some days the light strikes just right and other days, well, a little too much I’m afraid.

    I find miso adds interest to just about every food but I’m relatively new to discovering it in salads. Your carrot zucchini mixture looks delightful.

    Very much looking forward to hearing about — and seeing! — life in Sweden Charles. A big congrats on reaching 300 posts too! May there be many more…in the meantime, enjoy your final days in France.

    • says

      Well, at least you have light. It’s going to be extremely weird having to adapt to taking all my photos during the brief window of daylight at 10am, but such is life… I’m going to have to invest in some proper lighting I think eventually!

  15. says

    You’re moving to a different country! Wow that’s a huge news, Charles! My best wishes to your new adventure with a family!

    Meanwhile, I’m so happy you are promoting miso!! Didn’t I say it’s so delicious (in many of my posts. hehehehe just kidding!).;)

    This salad with miso dressing looks great!!

    • says

      Thanks Nami, and haha – you do indeed extol the virtues of miso a lot – I can’t believe I’m only just discovering how incredible it is!

  16. says

    Congratulations Charles and family on your up coming adventure and move!!! I’m so excited for you!! I do hope you share pictures of your travels. To heck with for a few weeks, just share pictures of your travels. One of the places that has always been on my list of places to go is the fjords of Norway. Now that I know I will never make it there, please, please, please take pictures and share! :) My grandfather, who died love before I was born, immigrated from Denmark, so pictures from there too. Should I just send you a list? :) Thanks for this recipe! I have a bag of miso paste in the fridge and have no idea how I’m going to use it all. This is a GREAT start! Love the simplicity and tastiness of this salad. THANKS!

    • says

      Hi MJ – Our last stop in Norway will actually be in a town called Mosjøen – if you check it out on a map it’s right at the tip of a fjord so I’m really looking forward to seeing the scenery there. Are you certain you’ll never be able to make it over? You should never say never… the world is getting smaller every day! :)

  17. says

    Hi Charles. Wow, how did I miss the post? – sorry about that.I’m sure change is difficult but it could be blessing. I hope you and your family is doing well under the circumstance. I wish you the best. Take care.

    The miso dressing sounds wonderful!

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