Rocky Road

Serves: Makes around 30
Approx cost: €5.50
Approx calories (per piece): ~120
Approx preparation and cooking time: 30 mins

Who doesn’t love little chocolatey chunks with crisp biscuit and soft, chewy marshmallow inside? They’re quite sweet, so you you can afford to cut them up quite small for serving. You can also change the biscuit to an almost savoury, unsweet version, since the chocolate itself is already quite sweet, and the biscuit really only serves to provide the “crunch”. If you’re unable to get glacé cherries you could also use raisins in their place. Remember to keep them refrigerated in between eating, and try not to eat the whole tray at once!


Rocky Road ingredients
Ingredients you’ll need for this dish

– 300g Dark Chocolate
– 200g plain Biscuits
– 120g Butter
– 60g Marshmallows
– 60g Candied Cherries (or Raisins)
– 3 tbsps Golden Syrup (or Honey)


  1. Start by placing the biscuits into a large bowl, and using a wooden spoon or rolling pin, smash them all up. You should hacve mostly crumbs, although there should be some definable pieces in the bowl still to add texture.

    Crushing the biscuits

  2. Chop each marshmallow into ~8 piecesand each candied cherry into about 3 pieces and then add to the crushed biscuit, being sure to break apart the lumps and cover well with biscuit crumbs to prevent the sticky marshmallow pieces sticking together again.

    Mixing the marshmallow and cherries with the biscuit

  3. Break the chocolate into pieces and place in a large saucepan with the butter and golden syrup. Place the pan on a medium heat and stir constantly until everything is melted into a smooth, glossy consistency.

    Melting the chocolate

  4. Pour about 80% of the melted chocolate into the bowl with the biscuits and stir well to ensure everything is well mixed with the chocolate.

    Mixing the chocolate with the biscuit mix

  5. Transfer to a flat tin, about 30cm x 20cm, spread out and press down with a spoon. Pour the remaining chocolate over the top of the biscuit mix and smooth out with a knife. Allow to cool before placing in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or so, until the chocolate has set.

    Spreading the chocolate on top

  6. Once cool, cut into small pieces and keep in an air-tight tin in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator, and enjoy!
Rocky Road

Nom nom


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